NEWS, Exhibitions and Visibility (english).

2nd June 2017

I’ve been quiet in these months of the 2017 but the reason is just I’m being crazy busy working on what will become big news in the second half of the 2017….!  But now I’m proud to share with you this first and official news for the 2017..!

My drawing “Portrait of a Mask, Carnival of Venice” is available at the new Art Gallery “DISCOVER EMERGING ARTISTS SHOWCASE” in Laguna Beach, California (U.S.A.)

On the 1st of June they had the Grand Opening, it was a very well-attended success – with over 150 wonderful people attending throughout the course of the evening! Not only people passionate of art has been attending the grand opening but also the members of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Laguna Beach, Toni Iseman, who made the evening extra special with her assistance with the ribbon cutting.

Gallery: 1400 S. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA (United States of America).


29th October 2016

In the October 2016 issue of the Australian magazine “Australian Artist” you can find a 6 pages article about the art competition “Colourbration 2016”. My drawing “Carnival of Venice” winner of the “Best Emerging Artist Award” is published in this article!

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19th September 2016

Great news!!!

The “Great Bay Corvette Club” did a wonderful job with the Charity Car Show in U.S.A. on the 17th of September!!
After so much work from the members they raised 16,700.00$ for the donation to the Shriners Hospital for Children!

I am very happy to have taken part of this and helped donating my drawing!

Thank you to all my friends who have gone to the Car Show to take part of this charity event!! Thank you to my friends Scott and Kim to have organized with me this donation of my originale drawing!

Thank you to Dee and Tom whom won the auction for my drawing!

A big thank you also to the photographer Dave Wendt who gave me the permission to create this drawing from his stunning photo of the Corvette 1963 Lightweight Grand Sport Coupe!

09th September 2016

I’m happy to announce that my original drawing “Corvette 1963 Lightweight Grand Sport Coupe” will be given as a prize at the “3rd Annual Charity Car Show”, in New Hampshire (U.S.A.) on the 17th Septembre 2016.

The Charity Car Show is organized by the “Great Bay Corvette Club”, every year they organize this event to raise money for different causes. This year the money raised will go to help the Shriners Hospitals for Children of Springfield, MA.
Go on their website and read the updates! 🙂

01st September 2016

In the September 2016 issue of the australian art magazine “Drawn to colour” you can find a two pages interview about the “Best Emerging Artist” award I won, you can also find my drawing “Corvette Lightweight 1963 Grand Sport Coupe” in the “Gallery” section!

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16th August 2016

I have always wanted to help others with my art and when I saw the Supershoes project I simply loved it!

Supershoes are a registered charity that provides unique customised gifts for incredibly brave children and young people, who are receiving treatment or palliative care for Cancer in the UK.

The gifts provided are hand painted customised canvas shoes – Hence the name Supershoes…!

Supershoes are created to brighten a child who faces massive challenges every day.
The gifts also promote mobility, by encouraging children who may otherwise feel too poorly to get out of bed and enhance emotional and physical wellbeing by providing a positive step on a difficult journey.

I am honored to announce that as of August 2016 I am a “Super Artist”…!
I hope to paint amazing supershoes and make smile these Super Kids!

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02nd July 2016

I have the pleasure to announce that in the July issue of the american magazine “Color”, the colored pencil magazine by Ann Kullberg, you can find a two pages article with a critique written by Ann Kullber of my drawing “The Diamond Mask”!

It has been a real honor to me to have this opportunity, a critique by Ann Kullberg is something that doesn’t happen to everyone!  I write here the link to purchase your digital or print copy of the magazine!

Ann Kullberg's COLOR Magazine – Current & Past Issues

1st July 2016

Published in the american magazine “COLORED PENCIL Magazine”!

I’m thrilled to tell you that my drawing “Dragster Challenge” has been choosen and published in the featured “Art Gallery” inside the Magazine!

You can purchase your copy or your pdf  of the July issue here:

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30th June 2016

I’m happy to announce that today I won the “BEST EMERGING ARTIST 2016 – THE ANN KULLBERG ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD ” in the Australian Art Competition “Colourbration 2016”.

My drawing “Carnival of Venice” won this award and I wish to thank so much the judges of this new yearly competition organized by the AUSCPA, Eric Shepherd and Ann Kullberg, also a big thank you to the AUSCPA staff for the amazing job they’ve done organizing all this, I can understand it has been a huge work!!
The Judges comments about my drawing:
Very nice composition, Excellently drawn figure and clothing, obvious talent with coloured pencils. with a good range of contrasting tones, and the slightly out of focus building. ( Venice here I come).

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09th June 2016

My drawing “Venice Carnival” is published in the american  book  “CP Hidden Treasures Vol.3”.

Ann Kullberg is one of the best Artists in the world about Colored Pencils….She has a wonderful website and a very neat magazine about colored pencils, she creates every year two kind of books where are showed the best drawings made with colored pencils in the world. She selects 120 artists for the main book called “CP TREASURES” which this year it’s at the volume number four. Then, Ann and her staff, select other almost 160 artists from all the world and she creates the book “CP Hidden Treasures”, this year will be the 3rd volume. The selection have been done…there were 827 Artists and I am very glad that some of my friends were included in the CP Treasure but I am even more happy because I HAVE BEEN SELECTED for the CP Hidden Treasures with my drawing “Venice Carnival”!

Congratulations to all the Artists! It’s a true honor being published in the book with such stunning talents!

Here you can purchase the digital version as a PDF file or printed version:

CP Hidden Treasures – Volume III


March 2016

My drawing about the Carnival of Venice has been chosen (with other 15 artists from all the world) for the magazine’s gallery in the 1st issue of the art magazine created by the AUSCPA*, “Drawn to Colour”.

*Australian Society Coloured Pencil Artists.


From June 2012 to July 2012
The drawing titled “Portrait of a Mask, Venice Carnival” was showcased in the  LIV8 Art Gallery in Venice, San Marco, (Italy).

From November 2012 to March 2014.

My “Venetian Artistic Masks”  and the drawing titled “The Diamond Mask”  were prominently displayed in the acclaimed Italian San Gallo Theatre and Hotel Casa Petrarca, both in San Marco, Venice (Italy).