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13th August 2017

When I was a child I had a big dream … and it was that I could be able to draw very well everything I wanted …   Last night I finished the eyes on a portrait of a venetian mask I’m working on …. The eyes don’t they came just fine, but they seem ALIVE ….!
I don’t like to brag … but this time, I don’t know what to say …. I’m so happy that, the last night, I didn’t sleep!  And watching them this morning… I cried … Because I said to myself:  “I did it …. I really improved …. and without any school … only with the hard work and only with my own strength …”

……I’m happy.
And unfortunately I can not publish the photo of the drawing yet, because it will be part of the article “step by step” for the american magazine and you’ll have to wait to see the finished drawing. 🙂


1st January 2017

The 2016 has been a difficult year…. the level of stress I’ve had has been really high…But now, looking back..I can tell I have done a big step forward with my art…!
I can say this 2016 has been very important for me and my art. Below I would like to go over with you the goals that I reached this year …
– My drawing “Venice Carnival” was been selected for the American book “CP Hidden Treasures”, a book that is a collection of 120 artists from around the world, specialized in the use of colored pencils. The book is full of beautiful illustrations of the most beautiful artistic creations from around the world, you can buy the book at this link *:…
– My drawing “Dragster Challenge” was published in the American magazine “Colored Pencil Magazine”, in the July 2016, each month the magazine selects a limited number of works that will be published in the “Gallery” in the magazine . To download or purchase the magazine, you can go to this link:
– In the July 2016 the magazine “COLOR” by Ann Kullberg you could find a two-page article regarding my drawing “The Diamond Mask” with a careful technical analysis of the drawing written by Ann Kullberg. You can download and buy the magazine at this link*:…
– This year I won my first art competition! In the Australian Competition “Colourbration 2016” won the award for “Best Emerging Artist”! I achieved this victory with my drawing “Venice Carnival”. Articles and images of the drawings were published in several Australian art magazines.
Help others … 2016: This year I wanted to find time to help others with my art …. I realized one of my best drawings with colored pencils … the subject is a beautiful Corvette Grand Sport Lightweight Coupe of 1963 photographed by Dave Wendt. With the permission of the photographer I realized this drawing and it was donated, with the help and cooperation of close friends Scott and Kim H., on September 2016, at the Charity Car Show in New Hampshire. The Car Show was organized by Great Bay Corvette Club and the proceeds from the event were donated to Shriners Hospital for Children in Massachusetts.Many congratulations go to Dee and Tom D., they have won the drawing at the auction!…
From August 2016 I’m part of the staff of Supershoes UK! Supershoes is a wonderful organization made up of volunteers artists who paint custom Converse canvas shoes for children with cancer. For more information and donations, please visit their website! You will be amazed by the creations of the artists and how they manage to make happy these children so brave.
Thank you very much for your time for following me, for liking my posts and for your compliments and amazing support! Thank you for believing in me!
I wish you all a new amazing year full of happiness!

13th December 2016

My latest pair of Supershoes!!

I’ve painted this pair for Toby, 11 years old.

He loves the movie “Back to the future” and the “DeLorean” car! I hope he will love his new Supershoes so much!

Supershoes for Toby, 11 years old.

12th December 2016

Ready and framed…!!!

Here is my first pet portrait “Siberian Husky” framed and ready to be an amazing gift!! 🙂  I admit that I was worried about pet portraits in general…I thought that animal’s fur was extremely difficult to render…. Well, it’s not the easiest thing in this world…but if you have enough patience…you can do that!

I’m proud of the result and I will certainly draw other pet portraits!



21st November 2016

Hello to everyone!
I’m thrilled to announce you that…I’m going to draw the cover of a book…!
But not a simple book….The cover I’m going to draw …will be the fourth book of a stunning fantasy saga!
I’m talking about the Chaka Saga, a Sci-Fi book. I have personally read the first book titled “If this is life, let me out!” and I have loved it so much!
The main character is Chaka, a princess, and here I wish to share with you the description of Chaka, made by the author P Marie.
Overall View of Character:

This particular female will become one of the most powerful females in the Funziee Universe. Mere affiliation with her could bring fortune or ultimate dismay.
Chaka’s your unconventional and untraditional royal. She seems to fit no mold that society wants to make for her; and because of this, her personality tends to evoke troubles of all varieties. Raised as a commoner like the rest of her family, Chaka knows both sides of life. She has known abuse, scorn and neglect, but she’s also been exposed to wealth, power and privilege. All of which has transformed her into the strong-willed, independent thinking person she is.
Chaka is neither shy, nor stupid, to say the least. She’s very calculating in her moves throughout life. Patience is one of her primary virtues. However there are times Chaka tends to be quick tempered and rather vocal about her feelings. Because of this, her detractors have questioned her mental stability. Some would even claim her to be heartless. But then there are he supporters who claim she’s loveable and gracious; with a forgiving streak that flows clear through her. Her family often refers to her as being flighty, skittish and even a bit nervous. Chaka’s flightiness stems from her upbringing. She really knows no other life having been raised in a ship with the man who sired her and forced into situations that no child should ever be forced into. Their life was nomadic, traveling from one sector of the Funziee Universe to the next. Chaka doesn’t know what it means to be settled. All will agree that Chaka’s got a will of iron and an unbreakable spirit. She’s has boundless tenacity and can be over all incorrigible. She’s not about to conform to anyone’s ways. Why? Because she likes the way she is and isn’t afraid to tell you so.

Cover of the first book of the saga.
Cover of the first book of the saga.


21st November 2016

Congratulations to Charlie!!!
Charlie is the owner of the stunning Corvette C1 I had the pleasure of portraying in my drawing “Black Cherry Vette” and with his beautiful and classy Vette he is winning many awards in various car shows in Texas!!

14th November 2016

I’m happy to show you the finished picture of the “Black Cherry Vette” drawing!

I have realized this drawing with watercolor pencils Caran d’Ache Prismalo and coloured pencils Prismacolor Premier and Faber-Castell Polychromos on Canson Watercolor paper. Dimensions of the drawing: A3.

I’m always happy to create a drawing for someone whom lives in America but this time I felt really thrilled because of the amazing colour of this recently restore Corvette C1! This “Black Cherry Metallic” colour has been an interesting challenge!

The lucky owner of this stunning C1 is Charlie, he lives in Texas and the Corvette was his father’s car. Charlie completely restored it and, after a few weeks, while I was working on this drawing he told me that the car’s name is “Miss T.M.”… I asked why of this name and he explained me that it was like his father called Charlie’s mother. The sweet thing is that Charlie’s mom was Italian… So, I added the italian words “In memoria of Theresa Marie: Miss T.M.” to the drawing.

It’s wonderful to have the chance to draw for persons whom are so far away but the fact this drawing will be an important part of Charlie’s family and a precious memory, it’s priceless.  This is the best side about creating art.




22nd October 2016

Great news! Harry is absolutely happy of his new Supershoes!! 🙂   Please, pray for him to win his battle against cancer…

Don’t give up, Harry! We all pray for you!!


02nd October 2016

On September I have painted and sent back my first pair of Supershoes…!

Here I post the photo, this pair was for a super kid called Harry, he loves Tigers and his nickname is “Tiger Harry”! He also likes the cartoons “Minions” and “Paw Patrol”, he is 4 years old.

How unfair that an only 4 years old kid has to fight against cancer… Please, pray for him to win his battle and have as soon as possible the normal and happy life he deserves.

Meanwhile…I hope Harry loves his shoes and I hope I have been able to donate him a big smile.



09th September 2016

It’s time for some “Work in Progress” pictures!! 🙂

Here is the two drawing I am currently doing….  is a drawing about a Chevrolet Corvette C1 1960, I have done the sky with watercolor pencils Caran d’Ache Prismalo and Derwent Graphitint on Canson watercolor paper. I will go forward with this drawing with waxy colored pencils Prismacolor Premier and oil based pencils Faber-Castell Polychromos….I can’t wait to work on the car because it has a stunning “Black Cherry Metallic” color!


08th September 2016

I’m truly happy! I have already painted and sent back my first pair of Supershoes!! I’ve got the confirmation that the shoes have arrived today at Supershoes-Uk and will be delivered soon to Harry! 🙂  Harry is the kid whom will have the shoes I’ve painted for him, he is only 4 years old… I will post in a pair of weeks the photos of the shoes, I hope he will love them so much!

16th August 2016

I have always wanted to help others with my art and when I saw the Supershoes project I simply loved it!

Supershoes are a registered charity that provides unique customised gifts for incredibly brave children and young people, who are receiving treatment or palliative care for Cancer in the UK.

The gifts provided are hand painted customised canvas shoes – Hence the name Supershoes…!

Supershoes are created to brighten a child who faces massive challenges every day.
The gifts also promote mobility, by encouraging children who may otherwise feel too poorly to get out of bed and enhance emotional and physical wellbeing by providing a positive step on a difficult journey.

I am honored to announce that as of August 2016 I am a “Super Artist”…!
I hope to paint amazing supershoes and make smile these Super Kids!

Cattura di schermata (27)



21st July 2016

Here I share with you my experience with the new series of tutorial called “Jumpstart”. You can find these tutorial books on, this is a new series of tutorial for beginners or whoever wants to try colored pencils.

This is the first volume “Ripe Tomato in Colored Pencils”, realized by the British artist Judith Selcuk, with Prismacolor Premier colored pencils you can realize a very nice tomato in only 10 steps. This is my tomato, anyone can try these tutorials because are easy to follow and I really enjoyed drawing this!

You can find the tomato and other subjects at this link:

JumpStart: Easy Colored Pencil Lessons for Beginners

21st July 2016

One of the great things has happened so far, in this 2016, is that I’m having the chance to create drawings from the beautiful photos took by the amazing American photographer Dave Wendt (, Dave gave me kindly the permission to create drawings from his photos of the Chevrolet Corvettes! This is a true honor to me because I love Corvettes and Dave’s photos are stunning!

Here is the work in progress of the first drawing…. It’s a Corvette C2 1963 Lightweight Grand Sport Coupe, I’m realizing this drawing with colored pencils Prismacolor Premier and Faber-Castell Polychromos with also turpentine, on bamboo paper.

Dimensions: cm 30×40 cm.

3rd June 2016

I’m working on a McLaren P1 drawing… Here I post some pictures of the work in progress… 🙂  I’m doing this drawing with colored pencils “Faber-Castell Polychromos” and “Prismacolor Premier” on Fabriano F4 paper.  The dimensions are 13×18 inches (33×48 cm).


25th April 2016.

“Dulce Equilibrio – Sweet Balance”
Tribute to the artist Paco Martín Domínguez.
I realized this drawing with colored pencils Faber-Castell Polychromos on Fabriano F4 paper.
Dimensions: cm 24×33 cm / 9,44 x 13 inches.

April 2016.

“Cp Hidden Treasure” by Ann Kullberg.

Ann Kullberg is one of the best Artists in the world about Colored Pencils….She has a wonderful website and a very neat magazine about colored pencils, she creates every year two kind of books where are showed the best drawings made with colored pencils in the world. She selects 120 artists for the main book called “CP TREASURES” which this year it’s at the volume number four. Then, Ann and her staff, select other almost 200 artists from all the world and she creates the book “CP Hidden Treasures”, this year will be the 3rd volume. The selection have been done…there were 827 Artists and I am very glad that some of my friends were included in the CP Treasure but I am even more happy because I HAVE BEEN SELECTED for the CP Hidden Treasures…!!!!!!!! I am in that amazing group of selected Artists from all over the world…!! And it’s my first time where I am selected for something like this…! I have no words and I thank so much Ann Kullberg and her staff for this amazing dream I am having! And, again, congratulations to all the Artists!! It’s a truly honor being in the book with such stunning talents!!
The books will be printed and available later this year, I will keep you posted!

April 2016

Chevrolet Corvette C6, Red…

Another Chevy Corvette portrait..!

With this drawing I wanted to test the chaly colored pencils “Cretacolor Fine Art Pastels” on Hahnemuehle bamboo paper. The dimensions are 10,23 x 15,74 inches (26x40cm). Here I post aklso some work in progress of the drawing. 🙂

March 2016

Tribute to Claude Monet x 3…

Three versions of the famous painting by Claude Monet.

Here I show you the test I did with these three versions of the Monet’s painting, the dimensions are 24×33 cm.

I realized the first version, on the top, with Oil Pastels “Staedtler Noris” on a Fabriano F4 paper.

The second version is made with Tempera Colors “Giotto” and the third version with Watercolor Pencils “Caran d’Ache Prismalo” and “Cretacolor Monolith”.

It’s time to work with You…

Yes, it is….!  I’ve started this drawing about Venice Carnival almost two years ago…Then…other projects and personal problems kept me away from this drawing and another one about Venice.  Now, it’s time to finish it…! I will keep you posted on the work in progress 🙂 I am using “Maimeri Venezia” watercolors on a paper made of bambù. 🙂


The “Dragster Challenge” drawing….  

It has been a real “challenge” to me also…! Yesterday I’ve finished this drawing…it required lot of work but now I’m happy and I can say that it has been worth it… 🙂

This drawing has the dimensions of 20×27,55 inches (50×70 cm) and I realized it entirely with colored pencils.  I used Prismacolor Premier colored pencils on a Fabriano F4 paper.

This drawing will fly soon to Louisiano, U.S.A.

"Dragster Challenge", Colored Pencils, dimensions: 20x27,55 inches.
“Dragster Challenge”, Colored Pencils, dimensions: 20×27,55 inches.