CHARITY: Supershoes-UK.

I am honored to announce that as of August 2016 I am a “Super Artist”.
This means that I have the pleasure of being able to paint custom “Supershoes” for children who are fighting against cancer.

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Now let me tell you and explain what is “Supershoes” …

Supershoes is a completely voluntary organisation.

Each pair of shoes are designed specifically for a particular child or young person and hand painted by a Super Artist to express the child and all of the things they like. This could be a favourite game, sports team, music, animals or all of the above! In fact, anything that the child holds dear.

Supershoes are as unique as the child or young person that wears them and act as a reminder to that child of who they are, despite their illness, challenges and treatment.

A Brief History…

The very first pair of Supershoes were created in October 2013 for an incredibly brave four year old boy called Henry Allen. Henry was fighting Neuroblastoma, a particularly aggressive cancer found in the under-fives.

Supershoes founders: husband and wife Ken & Sarah White, read about Henry in a local paper and wanted to find a way to reach Henry, help him to feel super and to encourage people to donate to a fund for Henry, to travel abroad for life saving treatment.

Henry’s Supershoes were created by Super Artist Rebecca who created a design based on Henry’s love of lions, LEGO and Disney’s Lightening McQueen. Henry loved his Supershoes and with the simple but unique gift, created a precious moment of joy for Henry’s parents. This moment is now a precious memory for his family, as devastatingly Henry lost his brave fight with cancer a week later.

Photographs of Henry’s shoes were placed on a simple Facebook page (SupershoesUK) and 8000 people viewed them within 48 hours. Massive awareness was raised for Henry and with that more requests for special customised Supershoes came in from parents throughout the UK for their poorly children.

Supershoes grew rapidly, more artists came forward to give their time and talent and the charity gained support from individuals, businesses and other charities throughout the UK. OFFICE the high street retailer started to support Supershoes in June 2014 which allowed the charity to reach even more children with cancer.

In July 2015 CLIC Sargent became an official partner, referring children to Supershoes, along with Great Ormond Street Hospital, KEECH Hospice Care and Princess Diana Community Trust.

In August 2015 became a Registered Charity in England & Wales.
Registered Charity Number 1163157


PLEASE, visit their website :


My Supershoes….

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