My tutorial “Venetian mask”.

I’m happy to share with you the release of my tutorial “Venetian Mask” on the american website http://www.annkullberg.com , you can purchase a digital or a print copy at this link:

Venetian Mask: In-Depth Colored Pencil Tutorial

Take a trip to Venice with these beautifully smooth, cool blue hues.
The best way to improve with colored pencils is to practice, practice, practice. Why not escape to the luxury of a Venetian Carnival while you’re at it – all without having to leave the comfort of your home!
Improve your skills of creating textures, textures and more textures with this detailed step by step tutorial. Learn how to draw perfect fuzzy feathers, smooth draping fabric and shiny beads in colored pencil.
The fine details on the painted mask and the blurred pattern in the background will give you hours of relaxing, artistic fun while learning valuable colored pencil technique.
What you’ll learn:
Shading Whites: Adding dimension to white objects can be a challenge – but I show you how to create this life-like porcelain smooth mask.
Faber-Castell Polychromos: Oil-based pencils work perfectly for blending many layers to achieve rich, dynamic colors. Despite the fact that cool blues dominate this final artwork, you’ll be using a fairly large selection of pencils to achieve the richness and depth of the colors.
Fabric: One of the most frequent challenges in realism – drawing fabric. Learn techniques to create realistic folds and shadows that look touchable. I will show you my exact process, step by step. 🙂


How to realize my drawing “The depth of the rainbow”.

You can learn to realize my drawing “The depht of the rainbow” through my “Step by step” article in the January 2018 issue of “Color Magazine”, edited in USA by Ann Kullberg.

You will see 8 detailed steps with photos and instructions and the list of materials. Here you can purchase your digital copy or a paperback copy: https://annkullberg.com/collections/color-magazine-all-issues/products/january-2018-ann-kullbergs-color-magazine

Tutorial of my drawing “Dragster Challenge”.

Do you want to learn how to draw a dragster?

Would you like to learn the art of Colored Pencils?   Would you like to learn how to create wonderful drawings just being comfortable at home? You can take up online classes from teachers from all around the world on the website of  “Colored Pencils Club”.

The Colored Pencils Club is a membership organization dedicated to  Colored Pencils by providing educational programs to improve  skills in this popular medium. It is a place to meet and learn from different artists in this field from all over the world.

CPC brings online decorative painting classes in colored pencils from top artists from around the world right into your homes. Videos are pre-recorded and you can watch them anytime, anywhere with a computer or tablet with internet access. Watch the videos as many times as you want. Pause, rewind or fast forward them.

Classes include videos and a complete tutorial with supplies, line drawings and instructions.

Registrations starts now for an online tutorial class for Session 4 of the Colored Pencil Club.    My drawing “Dragster Challenge” is included in the package “Something for everyone”.   This package consists of 8 pieces and are taught by teachers at the comfort of your home.

I will be teaching the drawing “Dragster Challenge”. In my tutorial there are 4 Word files full of photos (more than 200 photos!)  and detailed explanations and also 4 video tutorials which you can learn from home and whenever you want .

For more information and to register, click on this link!
https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1535554&cl=279338&c=ib&aff=324326″ target=”ejejcsingle”